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Costa Foundation

The Costa Foundation is an independant charity that aims to relieve poverty in coffee-growing communities. Its mission is to improve the life chances of boys and girls by providing them with the opportunity for a quality education. Foundation schools deliver both academic and extracurricular programs that enhance health, gender equality and environmental awareness.

In the same month that the Costa Foundation opened two new schools in remote coffee growing regions of Ethiopia, the charity has launched its own independent website,

Registered charity no. 1147400 In Scotland, SCO43414

About the Foundation

Farmers are an integral part of the Costa family, and their amazing coffee growing skills are the reason we’re able to bring you high quality coffee that’s packed full of flavour. We care about our coffee and we care about farmers, that’s why we set up the Costa Foundation, which aims to relieve poverty, advance education and by doing so, improve health and protect the environment of coffee-growing communities around the world. The Costa Foundation supports these communities without expecting anything in return which means we are often helping farmers in areas where we are not able to buy their coffee.

Targets & Achievements

To date, the Costa Foundation has supported 41 school projects in eight countries around the world. Children are currently benefitting from Costa Foundation funded facilities in Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Vietnam and Uganda.

How does it support coffee growing communities?

The Costa Foundation supports coffee-growing communities by:

  • Building new schools or extending existing ones
  • Furnishing the new buildings
  • Investing in water supplies
  • Providing electricity
  • Providing computers
  • Developing land for families to grow crops
  • Building teacher accommodation
  • Building latrines
  • Maximising leverage opportunities for the communities
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