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The Helping Little Cole Fund

Cole is four years old now, he was born with a few different medical conditions that effect coles everyday day life. He was born with brain abnormalities in three different parts of his brain, coles brain is so much smaller than it should be so he has global development delay, so cole can't walk unaided and can't yet talk.

 He also has a genetic condition that effect his ectodermal structures. This has not been diognosed as his symptoms cover a number of genetic condiotion. He is undergoing tests at the moment for 4 h syndrome. Cole also has Coxa valga ( hip deformity), athsma and epilepsy that cause cole to have life threatening seizures were he has to be sedated and ventolated to assist with breathing.

We started fundraising in February 2016 as our house is not suitable or safe for coles needs. So we are trying to get a downstairs bedroom and bathroom for Cole so that he can hopefully access these rooms and try to learn to be as independent as he can be. We need to raise 40 thousand to achieve this for cole. We are half way to our goal for him but will just need to keep working hard until we achieve this. Xx

If you would like to make a donation CLICK HERE
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