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How much pocket money for chores?

0 Forum Admin posted this 09 November 2016

My eldest is thirteen and is always wanting money when going out with her friend. I ask her to tidy room, hoover etc and she has bad attitude and says I will do it later then never does so now I am going to get her own bank account and transfer money when she has done each chore. I was thinking £3 per chore. Is that a right amount? If she doesn't do chore then she wont have money to go out with friend.

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0 Emily Roberts posted this 25 March 2017

The coolest thing I did with my young daughter, when she asked me for some money to do little chores in the house, was getting back to her with a Soldo debit card (

Basically, what I did was opening a family account and activating a card for me, one for my husband and one for her - she's 9. She was so proud of having a card of her own, such a grown-up thing :) and the bright side for me is that I can teach her the value of money by rewarding her for her little chores, while keeping an eye on what she does with those money through an app on my mobile phone. I find it really useful to keep tabs on the household finances too.

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